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Film Reviews: Week 15 (April 9-15)

This week has truly been a Marvel-filled week. I managed to get three Marvel films in (one was a new watch for me), and I also got in a new release which may be in my top three films of 2018 so far! Here are my reviews for this week:

A Quiet Place
A Quiet Place is directed by John Krasinski and stars him alongside Emily Blunt. The horror/thriller is set in a universe where monsters roam around the area and if anyone makes a sound, the monsters will hear it and kill them.

I absolutely love this film. Never have I experienced a film that made the audience shut up. You could tell that people were scared to even grab a bit of popcorn! This film challenges the audience to see if they could survive the "quiet place", and makes us appreciate how difficult it is to be in that situation.

The cast are absolutely superb. I love the child actors in particular. Not only are they good for their age, but I have a major appreciation for Millicent, who is actually deaf in real life. Watching K…

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